Saturday, October 22, 2011

idiot scrungers

how dare you disprupt my dinner
you do that in a place where i am having dinner, i will have just as much right as to have you thrown out before you laid your beer back on the bar, jerk

thanks gateway

ok my bit about qhaddafi

or however you spell his name. the devil is now your master in hell. now where is megrabhi?

if it had been my daughters school

hell would have to pay
did the parents know about this beforehand? i doubt it
and if my daughters school had done this.. they know they would have heard from me

Thursday, October 13, 2011

i have a large tear of that shoulder thingy

i hope this is not my future
but if it is i will somehow deal with it. but who is going to help me put my bra on?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

what is wrong with this picture?

oh dear, stupid is as stupid does

ok, i am always the first to laugh at my errors, but this one is absurd. i have a stair landing light that, almost a year ago, would not respond to new light bulbs. so i finally got around to calling the electrician. for the price of looking at it, he would also replace the ugly fixture with a new one, so i went out a bought a nice one. turns out the only thing wrong with it was one of the switches, hidden behind a bookcase, was stuck in the "neutral" position. hahaha i never checked that switch, because i rarely use it. after all it is hidden behind a bookcase. *laughing* it is ok, my new light fixture is much prettier, and brighter.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

its not just evil.. its unconstitutional

this should never even be considered

her name was happy

i was privledged to have met her. she was an amazing woman with spirit and it obviously showed in her lifestyle.

In an article printed in Germany’s Der Spiegel a year ago, Reichert stated she hated “salads, vegetables, getting up early and just about everything that has to do with a healthy lifestyle.
“She loves rare hamburgers, chocolate, cocktails and nightlife in New York: all the exotic restaurants, Broadway shows, movie theaters — where she recently saw “Iron Man 2″ — and the Metropolitan Opera,” the article states./a>

her husband with others founded the american college of cardiology in 1949. i was privileged to work there for 17 years. from what i remember she was the secretary for the college in the early years. it was an amazing organization when i joined the ranks