Saturday, March 22, 2014

God Answers Prayers

I did not get the job.  This has been the latest in a long line of disappointments.
A week or so ago, I came across this post  at American Digest.
Vanderleun's thoughts  have given me some peace as I try to understand why.
I do have some differences with him that God sometimes does not answer prayers.  I have always known that God sometimes says no, and the prevailing wisdom is that He has something special planned for me.  I just wish He would let me know.
I also disagree with him that we don't know much about God.  But I am not here to pick at his words.  They have given me comfort and a desire to come closer to God and to remind my self "Thy will be done."

Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day

I-rish you a very nice place to live,
I-rish God's greatest gifts he'll give.
I-rish you health, and wealth, and more--
I-rish your smilin' face were at my door!

Yes, it is snowing again.
And I hope it is a lucky day for a 2nd job interview.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Simple Truths

  Lovers help each other undress before sex.
However after sex, they always dress on their own.
 Simple Truth: In life, no one helps you once you're  screwed.

  When a lady is pregnant, all her friends touch her  stomach and say, "Congrats".
 But, none of them  touch the man's penis and say, "Good job".
 Simple  Truth: Some members of a team are never  appreciated.

  FIVE Other Simple  Truths
 1. Money cannot buy happiness, but it's more comfortable to cry in a Corvette than on a bicycle.
 2.  Forgive your enemy, but remember the asshole's name.
 3. If you help someone when they're in trouble, they will remember you when they're in trouble again.
 4. Many people are alive only because it's illegal to kill them.
 5. Alcohol does not solve any problems but then neither does milk.

 Bonus Truth:
 Condoms don't guarantee safe sex.  A friend of mine was wearing one when he was shot by the woman's husband.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

'Tis The Season

Last weekend I was laid low with a very bad cold.  Lasted for days with no relief from my usual remedies.  Just as I thought I was getting better, Friday I was hit with a nasty stomach bug/flu that knocked me into bed and dreamland for two days.  Today was my first day up and needless to say, I have been a bit cautious.  I did have a laugh at wonder boys posturing.
But now it is time for beddie byes again.  And more snow.
Please converse among yourselves.  Oh, and send whisky.  Lagavulin.