Thursday, March 29, 2012

what Time magazine got right in 1991

I have never forgotten this article. I thought I was still a "liberal" at this point and I think this started to wake me up. Within two years I finally succumbed to the fact that I am really a person who accepts reality (my new term for my conservatism).
busybodies and crybabies
What truly amazes me is that this was written 21 years ago.

and now we have the race war

i dont understand. growing up in the 60's we all were encouraged to judge each other by our character.
but not this president... every thing is about race. strange coming from a man who was, although begetted by a kenyan, raised by a white family. he had the wonderful opportunity to live in a foreign country. so did i. but what happened to me was that i developed a very strong love for the country i was born in, as were my parents, grandparents, and so on. i defended america for all her faults during the vietnam era.
but this man who is president has no such allegiance, not to the white family who raised him, not to the country who gave him the ultimate praise - to be president of the best country in the world. he is also a man who gamed his allegiance to his adopted race. black. and made up some story about what his grandmother supposedly felt about seeing a black man on the street. (a man with no witnesses can say what he wants)
he has no allegiance to the country that gave him his opportunity, or the way he was brought up, and that is the way he decided to live his life. he has decided that sensationalism is what will get him reelected.
in my book he is traitor to his country. as is every reporter and editor who is allowing these heinous lies to be printed.
i have been saying that this election will be very dirty and if the "won" is not reelected i truly believe it will be nasty out there.

I have been writing this over the last week and have decided to go ahead and publish without updates. I lay the entire fiasco at the feet of our inept leader. The saturation of this story is doing my head in. My apologies to Duff who hates it when I do the ee cummings thing. At least my punctuation is correct!

need a little downton abbey in between series?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Letter of the Week/Month/Year?

Letter to the Telegraph..........
Marriage at mosques
SIR – Given the decision of the European Court of Human Rights that,
where homosexual marriage is allowed, churches will be obliged to
conduct such marriage ceremonies (report, March 21), are we to
understand the rule will apply to mosques?
Mary Geach
London E1

h/t Theo

Invention of the Year!

for the beer lover in us all

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

a little light humour

An Arab enters a taxi....
Once he is seated he asks the cab driver to turn off the radio because he must not hear music as decreed by his religion and, in the time of the prophet, there was no music, especially Western music which is music of the infidel's and certainly no radio.
So the cab driver politely switches off the radio, stops the cab and opens the back door.
The Arab asks him: "What are you doing man?"
The cabby answers: "In the time of the prophet there were no taxis. So get out and wait for a camel."

ht: PIGazette

A Lost Painting

and the fact that they were wearing loin cloths
This would look really good in my house. I love it

Monday, March 19, 2012

Secret Service reduced to babysitting

25 SS travel with Malia on her spring break trip to Mexico
No mention of adults - just a 13 year old and 12 of her friends! What parent would allow this? and why are there almost 2 SS for every kid there? Only Malia warrants SS.
UPDATE: the Telegraph has "removed" this story
Daily Mail story
let's see how long it stays up

UPDATE II: the story has been scrubbed - now making it an even bigger story! eejits

War is Hell

if this is war it is war on men
If you truly believe refusing to force employers to pay for birth control is a war on women, then you are fragile little flowers who deserve to experience life practically anywhere else in the world. You are also unleashing a monster. Get the government to force this and NOTHING is out of bonds. Forget selling you the rope to hang you with. The government will eventually force you to pay them to hang you.

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Headline of the Day

Taliban vows revenge against sick-minded american savages
oh the irony (I think that is the word)

Pravda, the whole truth

obama smells the least
1. What is the appraisal in the USA of President Obama? Do you consider he is a one-term President?
When Barack Obama was elected President of the United States, the world community was thrilled and happy. Weary from decades of U.S. imperialism, arrogance and war mongering, many thought that now at last the country would turn from its errant ways.
Not so. Not only has Barack Obama failed to change anything, not only has he continued the policies of the Bush and previous administrations, he has gone over and beyond their treachery. He started his very own war with Libya, now he moves on to Syria and like a trained parrot regarding Iran, keeps saying, "All options are on the table."
All options, that is, except for diplomacy. All options besides peace. All options besides doing what he promised: to meet with leaders that the U.S. doesn't like. It's the same old arrogance, belligerence and blackmail.

2. The world community certainly feels this way. And as regards elections?
He will probably be re-elected. With Romney as the probable Republican candidate, it will be close, but Obama will probably prevail. Electing a Republican would be a disastrous thing.

Lá Fhéile Pádraig

Lá Fhéile Pádraig

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sunday, March 11, 2012

What I read

What I read list has been updated - new links mostly.
I have stumbled across an incredible site Orthosphere. Please go visit.
I am currently reading this
it is a long article! and I really do not like reading for a length of time on the computer. I am taking many breaks!
UPDATE: I have finished the article and am left speechless - well I did say wow when I finished it. I have a feeling I will be reading this again. There are too many points to highlight, so I will kick start your reading.
I. That “change,” alternatively “progress,” of the activist variety, as advocated by radicals, actually means destruction and that the identity of the two locutions goes largely unnoticed are two facts that together adequately characterize the delusional state of contemporary North American politics. The term “liberal,” like the term “change,” lends itself rather more to mendacious abuse than to just employment, especially when adopted as a label by the Left, which likes to hide its havoc-making program of transforming the un-transformable beneath the “L-word’s” ointment-like palliation. That the bland term “liberal” had long since devolved into something meaningless or misleading struck Voegelin already in the 1960s as a hindrance to transparent discourse. A philosopher particularly of history, Voegelin naturally addressed the term in respect of its specific temporal origin and its subsequent varying usage in modern political oratory. Voegelin remarks right away, in “Liberalism and its History,” that as distinct items of discourse both “liberal” and “Liberalism” emerged quite recently and contingently in a locus little suspected by their current users.

S**t Walk in NYC

Vanity of vanities
a new word is needed

More Election Pandering

flotus with white kids! OMG who let this photo out of the basement!

The Next 8 Months Are Going to Be Filled

with this
drivel, pandering, manure (please insert a better word)
The one has insulted our greatest ally and is now in full campaign mode. If I were Cameron, I would have declined, graciously, of course.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

a little feast for the eyes

Why Won't Christian Men Date Women

who go to their church
I did not attend church to meet men, however friendships are formed within any community, and church is a community. The bible does urge us not to forsake the company of believers. As the author states, scoping the pews is a distraction from the purpose of worship. Besides, because my daughter is deaf we always sat in the front.
I did find it interesting to read the reasons the men interviewed gave for not pursuing within the community. Wouldn't they hold for any group that gathers for common ground?
ht: instapundit

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Comment of the Day

LordSomber said...
(D-OH) = D'oh
3/7/12 1:05 PM

from Althouse

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Gotta love a three year old!

a fluke by any other name

no chance occurrence
she is quoted as talking about how she reviewed Georgetown’s insurance policy prior to committing to attend, and seeing that it didn’t cover contraceptive services, she decided to attend with the express purpose of battling this policy
What part of free choice do these people NOT understand?

Friday, March 2, 2012

warning america

Watch Appraise Listen Learn
This view of future Armageddon will be sneered at by the liberal left, who continue to bombard us with the lie that Islam is a religion of peace, despite all historical evidence against this fantastical notion. But Islam is not a religion of peace; it is a political, social and structural order of supremacy and imperialism. Islam in its most fundamental form is no different to that of Nazism, in its desire for global supremacy, women fit only for the bedroom, kitchen and place of prayer, homosexuals and Jews to be eradicated and all others not of the faith to live as second class citizens.

happy birthday to the PIG

8 years!
I don't remember when I started to read PIG. It was before I found Tim Blair, and all the other great blogs I now read. So I can probably say around '04 or 5. Which would make me one of the first fans (evil laugh)
And I still love the irreverent bastards!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

i am in shock

andrew breitbart is dead
ht the coalition of the swilling
UPDATE: When I first posted this earlier, I couldn't believe it was true. We know it is. How very sad.
My condolences to his wife, children and family. His spirit will live on and the fight will continue.
UPDATE II: Breitbart Memorial in DC