Wednesday, November 30, 2011

happy st andrews day

i will be celebrating in style - hope you do as well!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

happy Thanksgiving

may your day be filled with thanks and blessings

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

my 2nd grand niece

born yesterday morning - welcome to the world Daphne Barbara

Saturday, November 19, 2011

why did you choose your profession
i may have it wrong. but as i read stacy's prose on his profession i thought about a story of my own. when i was 20 i moved to LA for no other reason than it felt right for me at the time. i originally made the decision because one of my roommates was going and she was worried about going on her own. ever the one for an experience i said i would go with her. well as things developed over the next few months, i ended up going on my own, moving in with someone who, through my work, i didnt know. she needed a roommate and i needed a place to live. and it was all the interior design business. i got through my first few years on that dime.
during that time i happened to meet people in show business. of course, it is LA. i joined a small theatre group, christians all of them. i took all the courses they provided, and was enjoying the experience. then one day i was cast the lead role in a simple christian outreach play that would play for a group of college students on retreat in santa barbara. i was chosen simply because i had that innocent looking face, no other reason.
well the sh*t hit the fan on that one. i was inexperienced, a no name, not serious about a career in show business. those making the complaint were other actresses who were not involved in the class from which the entire troupe was cast. no one else from the cast was objectived. i was asked by the board to ask the original actress to take the part. she would have no part of it... it was my turn she said and make it wonderful. and i did, and when the cast heard about this they rallied behind me. it was a wonderful experience. and i decided at that moment that if a christian theatre group could turn against you, what and who would support me in the real world. the theatre was not for me.
so i say all this to say this
no matter what your profession there are those who don't want you to succeed.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

political madness, i say insanity

its all here
Like all other human beings, the modern liberal reveals his true character, including his madness, in what he values and devalues, in what he articulates with passion. Of special interest, however, are the many values about which the modern liberal mind is not passionate: his agenda does not insist that the individual is the ultimate economic, social and political unit; it does not idealize individual liberty and the structure of law and order essential to it; it does not defend the basic rights of property and contract; it does not aspire to ideals of authentic autonomy and mutuality; it does not preach an ethic of self-reliance and self-determination; it does not praise courage, forbearance or resilience; it does not celebrate the ethics of consent or the blessings of voluntary cooperation. It does not advocate moral rectitude or understand the critical role of morality in human relating. The liberal agenda does not comprehend an identity of competence, appreciate its importance, or analyze the developmental conditions and social institutions that promote its achievement. The liberal agenda does not understand or recognize personal sovereignty or impose strict limits on coercion by the state. It does not celebrate the genuine altruism of private charity. It does not learn history’s lessons on the evils of collectivism.

What the liberal mind is passionate about is a world filled with pity, sorrow, neediness, misfortune, poverty, suspicion, mistrust, anger, exploitation, discrimination, victimization, alienation and injustice. Those who occupy this world are “workers,” “minorities,” “the little guy,” “women,” and the “unemployed.” They are poor, weak, sick, wronged, cheated, oppressed, disenfranchised, exploited and victimized. They bear no responsibility for their problems. None of their agonies are attributable to faults or failings of their own: not to poor choices, bad habits, faulty judgment, wishful thinking, lack of ambition, low frustration tolerance, mental illness or defects in character. None of the victims’ plight is caused by failure to plan for the future or learn from experience. Instead, the “root causes” of all this pain lie in faulty social conditions: poverty, disease, war, ignorance, unemployment, racial prejudice, ethnic and gender discrimination, modern technology, capitalism, globalization and imperialism. In the radical liberal mind, this suffering is inflicted on the innocent by various predators and persecutors: “Big Business,” “Big Corporations,” “greedy capitalists,” U.S. Imperialists,” “the oppressors,” “the rich,” “the wealthy,” “the powerful” and “the selfish.”

some lovely music


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

in just one month today ....

i will be going for arthroscopic surgery for my torn rotator cuff. my dear surgeon said i did maximum damage, as only i can do ;)
just another scar to add to my past surgeries, #4 it is.

he told me that i cannot drive or type for two weeks, fair enough. however he also said he will have me out of the sling doing some movement (to be determined) the day after surgery. i will be in therapy for a year. i trust him.

Monday, November 14, 2011

europe according to....

more here

thanks to my daughter's boyfriend for this!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

a belated tribute for veterans day

pictured seated: my great grandfather
standing from L to R: my great uncle, my father, my grandfather.
young boy on the right joined the army
not yet a twinkle in my father's eye would be my brother, who joined the navy.
thank you all who have sacrificed to keep our freedoms and our lives safe - past, present and future

Saturday, November 5, 2011

the most laughable quote of the day

The White House on Friday all but refused to turn over the documents House Republicans have subpoenaed on bankrupt solar firm Solyndra, firing off a letter saying the request would put an “unreasonable burden on the president’s ability to meet his constitutional duties.”
oh my side hurts! stop it

michelle malkin

silent monks

stolen from the coalition of the swilling