Sunday, August 30, 2015

An Incomplete List

Ok it looks like it has come to this:
Life is a train
However because of new-found sensitivities we  have to have separate cars
  • One for men
  • One for women
  • One for Black
  • One for White
  • One each for all the other colours in between
  • One for gay
  • One for straight
  • One for feminists
  • Oh and one cannot forget the trannies
  • One for each of the 16 genders (16?  Oh for pity’s sake)
  • One for whatever each religion you fancy – catholics, protestants (and how many of those are there), myriad of  non-christian
  • One for the atheists
  • One for the agnostics
  • One for liberal 
  • One for conservative
  • One for left wing
  • One for right wing
  • One for those who believe in the good of our constitution
  • One for the socialists/Communists
  • And don’t forget one for each of the other political classifications you want to associate yourself with
  • One for AGM climate change believers
  • And one for the sensible people who know that climate change is part of the earth
  • A small one for those with common sense

To be continued.........

List was inspired by a comment from that Communist Corbyn guy in the UK.