Saturday, January 31, 2009

the octuplits

a single mother living with her parents who has 6 children has given birth to 8 more
as a result of fertility treatments..obviously her treatments werent done in the usa.. i certaintly hope not
fhs what is wrong with this picture
i am glad the children are all healthy
but who in their right mind would implant embroys into a single mothers womb? what the fuck were these doctors thinking? i guess it was dollars
and i guess it is the dollars that will make the family rich .. fhs

update (via jules)


poetman said...

the irrational thinking of this woman is astounding. the irresposiblity of her actions should be enough to take all the bastards away from her. I really dislike the modern belief that its ok to just have more and more children especially when your not paying for it. good job woman you've bankrupted your parents put your kids into sale lets make a living fucking up our kids lives shall we. im glad as a taxpayer my money is being wasted on a woman who thinks in her warped mind that this ok she should be tortured and hung

Sue said...

mollingI think the "dr." who helped this female make more people than she can posibly take care of should at leasr have to support them financially! All tho I also think he should be thrown in prison for steeling the tax payers money I thought the well fair system was more strict than to pay for such a foolish thing

Anonymous said...

maybe you should all mind your own business. im having a hard time figuring out how this lady's life has anything to do with you.

midget said...

as a mother i understand loven a child, but i would have not thought to overwhelm my money budget like this, i have a hard time with three and just to have 14, innsain.. and to be allowed to keep all 8 after conception, shouldnt there be a law against this, thinking of the childs welfare, they have to live with the problems all there lives form being born in this way, one permi is bad enough but 8, this was a stupid act on her part, and yea i have help with welfare, but its because i need it at this piont, if i get more pay then i stop, she is going to lean on the sate for the rest of her life.. and she exspect it.. what would she do if they denied her help? god be with her.