Wednesday, February 11, 2009

the controller in chief

from Jules
Like Tigerhawk, I don’t recall ever seeing a president, or anyone else, consult a list of which reporters to call on, and I was a little startled by it. Obama’s press conference protocol emerged as an issue following the election, when as president-elect he iced out FOX, as opposed to last night, when he just blew off FOX’s question.*

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i personally only turned the speech on because i thought it was over. i also found it very disconserting that he was reading from a list of "approved" reporters. the fun of a press conference is the unknown.. who should i call on.. what will they ask? our messiah in chief seems to be afraid of being caught unawares. why? what is he afraid of?

obviously he is afraid of his shadow. the only thing he said that made sense was in response to holding bush's administration accountable for war crimes.. look to the future and not the past he said. we will see if THAT happens

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