Friday, April 10, 2009

i am feeling needy ;)

i need to take a break. things are going on in my life i need to grasp. there are things in my mind i need to take care of. i need to paint.. both on canvas and walls. i need to read. i need to turn off the computer (hard to do when my only contact with my family these days is through email) and i need to take a break from the news.. it is depressing me. i dont know when i will post again, and i hope my few readers will miss me. in the meantime, feel free to help yourselves to whatever is in the fridge (i just made some wonderful soups - they are in the freezer) and the bar (just restocked) - but leave my lagavulin alone. i need it!
i could have just disappeared but i am that needy that i need you to know ;)
till we meet again, take care, my friends x


kae said...

Woohoo, party at Missreds...

Food 'n all!

bingbing said...

Girl, I barely know you but you've been gone from Tiz for ages. Can't even email you anymore.

Anyway, do what you gotta do. Don't be offended if you don't continue to get those those group emails.

Apart from that, Tizona's has seen enough change... and you're always welcome.

Egg said...

Tks; will party on with your great music video collection in your absence :)

Minicapt said...