Tuesday, March 2, 2010

more oz travels with my daughter

hello from Byron bay, new south wales! ill have to warn you grammar
errors might incur in this email. so this is my fourth week in oz.
hard to believe where the time has gone! it is really beautiful here.
reminds me a lot of cape henoplen with a lighthouse! byron bay is also
cape byron. go figure. my newfound friends and I went for a drive in
the country two days ago. let me tell you this, the grass is greener!
i couldn't take my eyes off the view to read a book! my jaw was
dropping low and wide! I have in motion pictures to show you. I can
understand why Aussie has been said to have the best wine!
in the last month, I have been to Melbourne and Sydney. I stayed with
Shay and Lia from Canada for almost two weeks in Melbourne. they lived
right in the center of the city which was really nice. Shay introduced
me to one of her good friends from Canada, Denise whom i'm traveling
with at this moment. During my stay in Melbourne, the girls and I went
out to Inverloch to relax at one of their friends' beach house.
Inverloch is close to Philip Island and Gippsland. Gorgeous view! Too
bad it nearly rained the whole time we stayed there. it was nice to
get myself rejuvenated before I began my trip up north.
the day after Valentine's day, Denise and I hopped on greyhound bus
for our 12 hours overnight trip to Sydney! we arrived deciding we
would see as much as we wanted in three days' time! The mission was
accomplished on feet! yes, my feet were sore for hours! foot rubs
never felt that good unless u walked that much! Opera house, The rocks
(colonial town: reminds me of Georgetown and Harpers Ferry combined),
Manly and Bondi beach, Sydney Observatory, the famous bridge by Opera
house, Royal Botanics Garden, Hyde Park, National maritime history
museum, darling harbor strongly resembled Annapolis, Took a ferry
boat, and that's all in 3 days. opera house is stunning and humongous!
sydney is bigger than Melbourne. I will tell you more about Melbourne
in other email. so tired and ready to depart for Byron bay which was
other 12 hours trip on the bus. I slept easily this time because I was
so worn out. I don't know how I did this in Europe!

pictures to follow


Anonymous said...

I don't know how I did this in Europe!

It's called youth, young woman...lol.

I'd say she's having a fantastic time, of course, I could be wrong.

Carpe Jugulum said...

Inverloch - i have a holiday house down the road from there at Venus Bay.

Wow - small world :)

kae said...

Yo, MissredMom...
I'm taking No. 1 Offspring out west of Brisbane tomorrow.
Should be fun!