Wednesday, September 1, 2010

non profits vs global corporations

four differences i have come across in my switch from the nonprofit world to the global corporate world

global corp
none of the executives in the corporate world drive expensive cars - my boss drives a mini cooper or a jeep
and there are no assigned parking spots for them
when the CEO is in town, yes he has a driver, but then he is usually only in town for a day, travelling from one campus to another
non profit
all of the vps get a monthly allowance of $650 to pay for their mercs, bmw, and jags and they don't have to pay the $150 month garage fee (even tho' the building is owned by the np) and have their own spaces.. sometimes not used (i did have permission to park in my boss' spot when he didn't use his car)- to free up a spot in the peon level)

"winter celebration" (formerly known as the christmas party):
global corp
spends $165 per person and includes a guest at a first class venue
non profit
complains about spending $57 per person for an in house party

sense of humour:
global corp
non profit

the CEO:
he actually is pleased to meet you and remembers your name
non profit
only tries to grope and kiss inappropriately

i have only been there for 4.5 months.. i am sure there are more relevations on this subject


Anonymous said...

Oh my. "grope and kiss"? At the same time?

missred said...

well never with me.. i only got the sloppy kisses..
groping was reported~

missred said...

and how are you oforchristsakes?

El Cid said...

I'm fine, thank you. Sloppy kisses, eewwwww.