Thursday, January 27, 2011

my speakers are broken.. iguess

i woke up this morning to this weird noise coming from nowhere.. it was one of those "deep" noises that you cant really figure out where they are coming from for they permeate the house. as i decended the stairs, it became louder, but still not giving an exact location. it was thuddd thhhhudd tttthuudddd kind of noise. what does one make of that early in the morning for heavens sake.
it was the computer speakers. i cant be bothered to figure out why the speakers decided to thump thump thump..
i guess they are shot and i am not going to spend money on new ones... i am waitng for this computer to die before i spend any money.
so dont send me any sound thingys

to further my explantion.. my new desk is BIG. crawling behind to find cords going to this and that is impossible unless you are a really big man and like to move things.

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Minicapt said...

I'd blame Windows; it's unsound.