Friday, May 20, 2011

land of my heart part one

i arrived in the country kae referred to as "kinned'. i like that word.
an uneventual plane trip, one i am used to. arrive at dulles 5 hours before the flight, walk around the terminal, get a drink, walk, drink, etc. repeat as necessary. did not have to pass through the naked machine. lighter, tweezers, and matches not confiscated. tried to sleep on the plane, fruitless, arrive at amsterdam, walk, tea, look at tulips - wooden ones, silk ones, bulbs for sale etc. arrive in edinburgh, take the bus to waverly and then overtip for the taxi for the short trip to the house (i feel guilty taking a taxi - it could be walked but i have already been up far too long)
the weather was typical, rain and sunshine changing at whim. i love the sky in scotland.
met the grandaughter

she ventures between a sweet one to satan's spawn. as they do at 2.5

view from my bedroom

a special thanks to minicapt for the tips on uploading photos... how easy it was! one day i will become a techie nerd

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