Friday, July 29, 2011

the boys of summer

in the past week, the boys of summer (as i call them) had birthdays - my nephew and godson, my twin brothers, my father, my brother in law and his twin. both of my grandfathers were in the first week of august, i believe. i grew up with a bunch of male leos! (i am a scorpio, so survival was guaranteed) other nephew was born on memorial day - the start of summer - although a bit out of range, still acceptable. my sister's stepdaughter's husband was born in june. my youngest nephew (in calif so he won't be there) also in july. whew! so this saturday we will be celebrating all of their birthdays. cards only, thank heaven. it is always a great time especially when it comes to reading the cards! surprisingly, the duplicates can be counted on one hand - we have been doing this for years.
now all the women in the family pretty much have birthdays sept (my daughter is the earliest - labor day) through february. but do they throw us a girls of winter party? ha!

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