Wednesday, February 8, 2012

at last my opinion was heard

I just answered a call for a survey on the democrats running for my federal congressional district. I will vote for the one who will be the least effective against the republicans. I registered as a democrat when I was first eligible to vote. When my aha moment occurred, after much thought, I decided not to change my party affiliation. For the reason stated above.
*raspberry to you dhimmicrats*
so now I ask the question - should I continue on (it only effects the primary not the general election) or should I change my party affiliation?

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onthenorthriver said...

Gnaw from within; "Pick the stoutest beam, my dears, and eat into it's heart."

Ahab,"I spit my darkest hate at thee, I stab at thy heart,spout black blood and die!"

Seriously, they do the same to us. I would be happy to see the Dems hold to open primaries but I think the GOP should realize that doing the same is suicide.