Friday, October 26, 2012

And She Returns

Well!  I am back home.  A bit tired, but enjoyed the act of working for my tea.  
To sum up this past week - Benghazi scandal is blowing up in Obummer's face, this classless act puts out an ad campaign comparing a vote for him like giving up virginity, he calls Romney a bullshitter, Italy convicts scientists for not predicting earthquakes, the Rolling Stones do another farewell tour, Frankenstorm  Sandy is heading towards the midAtlantic, the democrats are still lying, those peace loving muslims are still murdering, Taylor Swift is becoming the John Mayer of the female pop scene, and I am still looking for full time employment.
Did I leave anything out? 


Anonymous said...

Welcome back!
- Rumson

Jonah said...

Who's John Mayer?

Jonah said...

Who's Taylor Swift? And have you ever considered truck driving for a living? You want full time, they'll demand from you full time.

MSgt B said...

The truck driving thing's not a bad idea. Especially if you get all the HazMat qualifications.

You can make a metric fuck-ton of money driving around a tanker full of gasoline or hydrochloric acid all day.

I work with HazMat haulers regularly, although I am not one myself. They all walk around with this amazing Zen-quality calmness.

David Duff said...

"Did I leave anything out?"

How very much you missed me?

missred said...

Thanks Rumson!
Jonah and MSgtB I don't think I could pass the physical to be a truck driver, between my eyes and my back. Otherwise a life on the road wouldn't bother me.
Of course I missed you Duffers!