Thursday, May 22, 2014

Out and About

I saw this sticker on a car today.  I love it.
But then again, the car also had this sticker:
I also had to yell at some eejit today, who for no reason I can think of, decided to cut me off and then slow down in front of me.   He gave me the finger when I honked my horn and he yelled back.  Haha
Eejit.  It is fun to travel about town in a car.

1 comment:

John The River said...

I think I've met him...
He owns the road and he's the only person in the whole wide world.

For him giving anyone the finger is a step up, he's grudgingly acknowledging your existence.

Now I'll bet you are sorry you didn't purchase the option of the twin .50cals mounted under the hood?
Because a armed society is a polite society.