Sunday, July 6, 2014

Come On People. Make Up Your Minds.

When I shop for food, I like to get "paper inside plastic."  It gives me the stability of paper and the handles of plastic.  The six bag combination (yes, my weekly shopping fills three bags) is a lot less than what I would use given only the plastic bag option.  Baggers tend to put two-three items in each plastic bag.  The combination also makes for the perfect bin-liner.   Occasionally, I use the PC re-usable bags.  I don't always  have them with me.
The other week I was told by a cashier that they are discontinuing the paper bag option.  So naturally I wrote to corporate protesting this move, citing all kinds of environmental crap.  They wrote back assuring me that there was no intention of discontinuing the paper.  They lied.  I went to the store a few days ago and was told they had discontinued the paper bags.  I loudly lamented, crying that Corporate had assured me this would not happen (implying that it was the store decision and not the big guys) .  The manager said she would look into it for me.  Yeah. Right.

HarBINgers of doom


John The River said...

Unfortunately, it's time to switch food stores.
Years ago when we were replacing everything that was lost in a house fire (which was everything, including the house) we were shopping at Ikea. Then one day the cashier informed me that the plastic bags would no longer be free but I would be charged 5 cents a bag. The reason for this was they said was to "encourage" people to use environmentally correct reusable bags. I said some bad words and piled everything I had purchased back onto the cart (unbagged or restrained in any way) and carefully went to my car. Completing our LAST trip to Ikea.

The Center for Disease Control and other agencies have warned about increased risks and spikes in food poisoning related to the use of reusable bags. The problem is that no one treats the bags as a food container, the interior is contaminated with meat juices, dust and crumbs from food packaging and at most the bags get shaken out and then thrown back into the trunk of the car so the family can be sure that they will be in the car for the next shopping trip.
Wash in Hot Water and Bleach, then Dry Thoroughly! After all, its for the children. (after sanitizing, treat them as you would any food storage container, don’t throw them into the trunk until the next time you go shopping.) Or just change stores!

missred said...

The problem is finding a store that still uses paper as an option. Even Wegmans doesn't have that option.