Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Sexual Harassment?

the Other McCain  2014

Found at Maggie's Farm  1951

Two very different articles.   Sixty-three years in between the two incidents and much has changed.  I feel pity for the troubled women of today.  So much for the state education promoting self-esteem.

I have been verbally noticed by men on the streets.  Not so much now.  The first time was when I had just turned 13.  It made me uncomfortable and I blamed it on the slacks my mother thought looked great on me.  I never wore them again.  Who knows?  As I grew older, I noticed that my hair was the topic of conversation from the guys.  When I worked in an office building on Hollywood Blvd, I was verbally noticed every day.
I never felt harassed or threatened.  In fact I smiled inside.  It was nice my efforts to look attractive were appreciated.  At the same time I did not look or acknowledge the loquacious gentlemen.  Since I did not look at them, for the most part I have no idea of their race and what they were wearing.  Hollywood Blvd was at the time (and probably still is) teeming with all manner of folk, up and down the food chain.
I was comfortable with my power.

ps:   Miss Manners has something to say on the subject!

and do these ladies look unhappy?

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