Wednesday, September 17, 2008

i am furious.. this is despicable

a rant
i received a phone call the other day. someone looking to find a neighbour. they were anxious to find her.. a personal call they said. i thought it was odd but i said ok, i will take the message. after they gave me the phone number (an 800 number..first clue) i asked if they were a collection agency. she said yes. well..... i told her off. how dare they interrupt me at home to try to collect a debt for someone who lived a few doors away from me. how underhanded that was.

i have received a couple of phone calls from those agencies that hound people for their debts.. not my debts, i have none, but for those that have the same last name as mine. i usually ignore them until they have called more than oh say 7 times leaving messages on my machine. i have called them back letting them know i am not related to that person, usually with attitude, threatening lawyer action.

this latest tactic from collection agencies is despicable. i don't care what my neighbours owe and i don't want to know. the name of the agency is listed below and i will be sending them a snail mail telling them that their tactics are entirely unacceptable

United Recovery Systems
Glenn P. Osuch, President
Douglas B. Schultz, Chief Executive Officer
5800 N Course Dr
Houston, TX 77072-1613
Phone: (713) 977-1234
Fax: (713) 977-0119
Web site:

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kae said...

My ex and I moved into a house in Melbourne in 1990 after the previous owners lost it to the bank. The house had been sold, and the yard was a mess. The new owners had to get a machine in to get all the junk (car bodies and body parts) out of the yard, and the crawl space under the house was full of garbage, some of which was still there when we moved in. There were rats, too. The exterminators had to visit twice.

Anyway, the sheriff came around looking for the previous "tennants", we had to prove that we weren't the previous tennants! There were still bills arriving in the mail. I would return them "Not at this address."

We travelled to Sydney one long weekend (for Mum's first retirement, long story...), and when we returned home we disturbed some burglars. We could smell the smoke from matches struck to light the inside of the house and look at things! The ex had fitted locks to all the windows and doors which hadn't locked when we moved in. We suspect that it was the previous owners who tried to burglarise us - they didn't get anything, must have scared the hell out of them for the electric roller door to go up while they were in the house trying to take out the window in the back door to get stuff out of the house, they were in the process of taking off the beading from around it and scraping away the putty... they'd got in through the tiny toilet window which also had a stink pipe running through the centre of the opening.

There were scuff marks and kick marks up the wall above the toilet, I think that the little burglar got a bit of a fright!

never happened again in the three years we lived there.

It's a bit rude for money collection agencies to come calling neighbours, however, if they come to your home looking for previous tennants it's really annoying, especially when there's so many of them!