Friday, September 5, 2008

They simply hate her for who she is.

thanks to researcher extraordinaire minicapt for this link.

why they hate her

There are reasonable criticisms that can be made of Sarah Palin, both as governor and a vice presidential selection. Yet little of what we have seen in the last six days has been either reasonable or critical (in the traditional sense of the word). Instead, much of the left and many in the media simply lashed out at Palin, particularly at her family

So why? What is it about Sarah Palin that convinced so much of the left to objectify and assault her so quickly, and with such manifest maliciousness? There are many reasons, but four of them stick out in particular, each having to do not with Palin’s politics, but with her family.

in my mind, she is a role model for all of our daughters (and sons). she has integrity, poise and a wicked sense of humour. oh, and she takes no enemies.

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