Wednesday, May 20, 2009

a conversation with a friend in scotland about the NHS

and this is what our country wants ... please do not copy this conversation. it is mine alone

he was murdered courtesy of the NHS
he had cancer. he was 82... we said ok deal with it,, Surgeon said no we can cure him. its small
he went for it.. did really well in IC
sent him to general ward....... and fuckin neglected him
he needed help in and out of bed,, they hid the buzzer
he had bowl cancer....
he was 'nil by mouth',, they accidentally fed him
so when his bowels moved, he had no control
when they got to him 4 hours later
they put him in a bath..... hosed him in cold water......
left him while they went to look for a towel
these bastards should not be working in McDonalds let alone a hospital
i had been there 3 fuckin hours earlier. and trusted they bastards
he was drowning....... screaming for help. they told him to shut the fuck up and laid him flat
closed the door on him!!!
only that a nurse checked him and realised. i will never forget the screams
he was drowning........ coming up for breath
they drained his lungs.. attached him to a fuckin ventilator
only good thing was he died.. lookin peacefull but i know he wasnt
he lived for 14 days
fuckin cunts would not let us stay with him.... phoned us at 3 fuckin am... we just made it. but he was unconscious


Nilk said...

That is appalling, and worse still, unsurprising.

When people get older, others seem to think that they become less human, or less-deserving. Maybe because they have less time to live.

I honestly don't know.

One of the times my mum was in hospital (ya, cancer - renal cell which spread to the bowel), there was an elderly lady across who was being sent back to her aged care facility; they needed the bed.

She had no clothes, and her family were not available to assist, so the hospital sent her home in a cab.

They were going to send her in her nightgown and wrapped in a blanket, but my mum had a spare dressing gown, so at least the lady had some dignity.

I have an uncle who is dying from asbestosis. He is a Vietnam Vet and on a TPI, but he has had doctors refuse to treat him because he smokes.

What, because he smokes he's not worth their time? They still get paid.

The man's on oxygen, half deaf, and losing his sight. If he wants a cigarette I'll bloody light it for him!

Sorry for the rant, but crap like this is far too common, and shouldn't be allowed.

Is there any action your friend can take against the NHS?

missred said...

rants are good, nilk. i just can't believe this is what this country wants. they have this pie in sky ideal that once we all have a national health service all will be treated with care and respect and all diseases will be cured. i have lots of horror stories about the level of care at the nhs in britain. this was the one of the worst.. probably because my friend was so upset. i did suggest some sort of legal action but don't think they will go that way.