Wednesday, May 20, 2009

my personal outrage

one of the generous benefits my company has given was the ability to carry over unused vacation time 225 hours. we can get paid off unused vacation when we leave the company.
i have been there 16 years and the ability to carry over 225 hours is quite easy over that time. especially when one gets 5 weeks a year vacation after being there 5 years. i take 3 weeks (much convincing is involved) to go to scotland every year. and then a week here and there and a few fridays off to make up that time. yet i still built up the 225 hours. now they want to take away 75 hours of that unused leave and cap it at 150 hours. that means this year i have to take off 7 weeks. and its the month of may. and i didnt go to scotland this year because i am only taking two weeks off to go to Italy with my family
this all due to the fact that our ceo didnt meet his revenue projections .. because he inflated them to try to get a big bonus. silly ass
so now he is trying to take away from me what i have rightfully earned. i can probaly take off those extra two weeks, but it means i dont have that cushion in case some catastrophe happens.
isnt there a law against changing written benefits?
i would love to hear from a lawyer about this.

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