Sunday, July 19, 2009

a little bit of my life

through facebook a man i dated found me. he is jordanian and has been in this country since he was 13, so quite americanised. and a catholic as most palestineans who were located to jordan are. (bad sentence structure.. sue me) his family left jordan for the US because they saw that the plo was busy inducting and indoctrinating their sons.
when we dated, it was quite fun. i met a lot of interesting friends of his. one was a member of the "esteemed" pflp. actually "P" was quite amusing.. a big guy who thought he was gods gift to women. but he respected me.. in an amusing way.

i learned to belly dance as well.. and not the belly dancing that is popular with america.. the real stuff. i also learned to cook some fabulous arabic dishes

my best friend and her husband (i ended up working for him) were orthodox jews.
so here i was, dating a jordanian, with radical palestinan friends, working for orthodox jews.
oh and by the way, i am a christian who believes that those that support israel are blessed by god.

a sprititual war went on in my heart
i didn't marry him

so now he is working for homeland security.. he applied after 9/11 because he loves this country.

so a little bit of my life

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