Friday, December 4, 2009

i hate shopping

and i spawned a daughter who loves shopping. the perfect day for her is in a mall.. with all its lovely choices. i am bored by it all. when i decide i have to shop, i go and buy what i need and usually know where to find it. in and out in record time. spending endless hours at tyson corners is my daughters dream. i rarely let her endulge herself. one of the main reasons i hate tysons in particular are the aisle kiosks with their assualts as i just try to walk to where i need to go. lucky for me i can feign deafness. its easy when we are walking together, signing as we go. only once did i go off on one aggressive sales person. my daughter was walking ahead of me and a sales woman tried to catch my daughters attention. and as my daughter, oblivious to her verbality, walked on, the woman started shouting at her about how rude she was. well.. let me tell you.. don't you dare yell at any one like that if you are trying to sell something. i stopped in front of her and said, she didn't hear you she is deaf. but she kept yelling after her. and i repeated myself, she is deaf, she cannot hear you. then she went off on me. i stopped, looked at her and said, honey you are in the wrong business if you are yelling at people in the middle of a mall. and once again repeated, she is deaf, she didn't hear you. don't assume someone is rude. i hope she finds another job.


Larry Sheldon said...

Tyson's Corners still in business...Fancy that. Sperry had a school there that I attended eons ago.

I hate shopping, and have a daughter that loves it.

On a visit here some years ago she observed that I really needed some new shoes(which was correct) and that I should go get some (which I had been putting of for months).

She would not be denied, so she and I went to my favorite shoe store some distance away in the remnants of a real town, not a ghastly mall. I parked across the alley from the back of the store, went in through the alley door past the display of my favorite brand, selected one that suited me and proceeded to the seating area at the front of the store.

When the salesman started on me, I told him name, model, and size of shoe that I had picked.

In due time, he came back with several boxes of shoes including the ones I had asked for.

We put them on me and I walk around a bit, then said "These will do fine, I'll wear them home to start the break in.

My daughter was horrified.

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missred said...

Larry, i much prefer the smaller (or out of the way stores) i used to find in the LA area. the service was excellent, and the staff/owner knew their stock. no pipsqueaks with attitudes covered in tats with piercings that just make one not look at them. i miss that. have yet to find it even in the small town of fredneck.

john, once again you send me a link that just amazes me. celtic women shows are the rage of the public telly stations this time of year and i never tire of listening to them. although i do miss reruns of to the manor born >giggle<

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