Sunday, January 10, 2010

i have never done so much screwing in all my life!

the name of this art is "an unexpected lift". my brother in law and sister came over to help me assemble the desk and hutch. i do believe there were well over 300 screws for this effort!

ha! i bet you thought.. well never mind


Minicapt said...

We think the reference to "... 300 screws ..." was meant to be "300 shots".


missred said...

the "shots" came after the desk was put together ;)

kae said...

I hate "some assembly required" flatpacks.

But they're the only way to buy inexpensive stuff.

I have a few things here that need screwing and bolting together, a patio BBQ, table and chairs for outdoors, shoe rack, and stuff.

Wanna pop over the put them together for me? I'll feed you!

missred said...

too true, kae. if i had a job, i would have paid the $175 they wanted to assemble the units. so for the price of beer, wine and a dinner, my brother in law graciously accepted the challenge.

Hucbald said...

300 screws? You must be exhausted... but happy.