Friday, August 6, 2010

how i spent my lunch hour today

the frollicking mole over at tizona's has written three very well thought out opus on poverty in oz. i am certain it applies to poverty everywhere, with some areas worse than others. i started with his latest piece, and went back to the other two (written sept & dec '09) - don't know how i missed them.
reading about the squalor peole live in on benefits always amazes me. when my daugher was born, i did the benefit bit so that i could raise her, not some stranger. it was always my intention to return to work when she was two, however at that time she was diagnosed as profoundly deaf. all i could think of then was that she had missed out on critical years of obtaining language and that became my focus, until she started at the md school for the deaf. i never intended to stay on benefits, looking at the choice as a necessary evil. but, my house was always clean, i did without (my telly was a 12" black & white loaned by a friend), shopped at thrift stores, etc. i would have to agree with the mole that it isn't the lack of money that keeps the poor impoverished, it is lack of education.

read it all here

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