Friday, September 17, 2010

advice from my boss

i am currently working on an important event at work. unfortunately i have to work with this crazy woman. she has no experience on putting on this type of event and i do. i have done a number of them so i know what needs to be done to make it classy. she hasn't a clue. she is a bull in a china shop.. can't shut up to listen to everyone and thinks her ideas are gold.
i finally told my boss that i am going to have to push back on her before this thing turns into a train wreck. after all i have only been there less than 5 months and am still learning the office politics.
he gave me words of advice - it i am not pissing any one off, i am not doing my job.
ha! i am really good at pissing people off, and within five minutes she had her knickers in a twist.


kae said...

Ur just mean!
Tee hee.

missred said...


missred said...

and i am not mean.. just determined

Minicapt said...

Boy band time?