Thursday, December 30, 2010

a christmas to recover from

it has been quite a week. first my daughter suffered a burn when the server in the restaurant spilled the soup on her hand. what surprised me is that she, and everyone else who worked there, just froze and i had to bark out orders for cold water and a something to wipe the burning soup off her hand. and ... they didn't offer a discount on the food!! the upside - sliced tomatoes work wonders on a burn. at the end of 5 hours, there was not a mark nor blister.
we arrived at my parent's after a 5 hour trip down 95 - normally a 2 and a half hour trip. the cat was unusually quiet during that time. my mother was mildly ill and still remains so. the cat was not eating and we had to force her to eat.
i had to take my daughter to the shops on christmas eve to buy me a gift because she couldn't find anything at all in georgetown despite spending all day wednesday there (and numerous hints at what i would like.) found something for herself though. but that's me just kevetching.
my parent's dear neighbour announced after christmas dinner that he has been told he has 4-6 months to live. his cancer has metastized everywhere.
the snow was beautiful on boxing day.
instead of driving home on monday, we stayed another day. it was nice to enjoy the snow without having to shovel or drive. i got mild food poisoning. i swear my mother has been trying to kill me with food for years.
after 15 years of love and companionship, our beloved kitty, neve, died in my arms at 5.30 am. we picked her up from the crematorium today. i miss her bugging me.


Nashville Beat said...

Welcome back. Talk about an up and down Christmas! Naturally, I am sorry to hear about the neighbor. Here's a prayer that, if a miraculous cure is out of the question, that the transition to the next life will be as gentle as God can make it.

And my heart goes out to you for the loss of your kitty cat. I remember each of the four cats I have shared time with and the grief I felt when they moved on. I have nothing against dogs. I like them a lot, in fact, but I have never been able to be home enough to have one. Cats, on the other hand, worked just fine. The quirky little beasts really grow on you.

Look at it this way, the New Year is definitely looking like an improvement.

missred said...

thank you for your kind words. the neighbour is now working to make sure his wife is settled. they live in a community that is to take them to, as i say, to the grave. he will ensure she will move into a smaller place rather than the home they have now.
i grew up with dogs, we only introduced cats into our household with a present to me..our dear tabitha who was killed playing her favourite game..running between car wheels as they moved. she had 5 kittys. her runt died at 18.
i decided my daughter needed a pet, the canary (who lived 18 years) wasn't doing it for her. she needed a pet to hold. all small rodents were out of the question for me. a dog - which i would have preferred - was out of the question for a single working mother. too high maintenance. so we found a calico cat from a farm. and neve was more than accomacating to our lifestyle. she was a different cat than i have ever known.. she actually barked! she never groomed us, and never grew more than 4 pounds i could go on

kae said...

sorry to hear you had an ordinary Christmas.

Mine was with family at the Gold Coast, in the humidity of the non existent (monsoonal) rain we've had this month (and last month... for a while!)

As I said on my blog, we were trapped in town on Monday afternoon/evening by floodwaters when they cut off the bridges on the two routes we could have taken home.

We (Mum and I) finally got a lift throught the floodwaters over the bridge and to our door from a kind neighbour (we didn't know them before this) at 9:30pm, and I must bake them a cake to say thanks! (And write a letter to the local paper.)

missred said...

make that accommodating - i must have been tired last night.