Saturday, December 18, 2010

i think this is an incredible read

i read this on fox comments. in my opinion he nails it: its a long read but worth it
Number one, give the president the line item veto, he than can remove earmarks without having to dump the whole bill.

Congress, make them part time legislators; since it is a privilege to serve, take the profit and power out of it. Put them on a time limit to get the business of the country done, maybe just maybe than they will stop fighting with each other and work together. Remember Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed; politicians seem to have forgotten this one.

Entitlements and earmarks, it’s the difference between what the federal government should provide according to the constitution and what the current government provides due to many years of special interest groups. Entitlements and earmarks are not all bad some we feel as a society we should provide. But they need to worth there price and are not meant to help or be needed by everyone for all time. No business, No household, No government can live beyond their means for very long and remain healthy. The simple fact is the deficits that we are running cannot be continued. Run the country as a business or face default it’s that simple. Work together stop fighting with each other and be part of the solution. This is not about Bush, nor about Obama, it’s about us, you and me “we the people”.

Deficits, The modern dollar, one of the historically strongest of all currencies has lost over 90% of its purchasing power since going off the gold standard in 1971. Its value is based solely on faith, and is decided by the debt load of the government, public, along with the amount of money in circulation. Why would a government want to increase debt load which only devalues the dollar? The dollar has value because our government has declared it to be legal tender, despite the fact that it has no intrinsic value, and is not backed by any reserves; every government in the world is this way, and they all run debt loads, many large. How is that going for the world? Lately country after country seems to be in trouble. A devalued dollar is good if we where a large exporting country, but we gave that up to China and other country’s years ago. The real problem is large deficits created by a big government, with currency that’s not backed by any commodity. Sorry to tell you this, the government is not a contributor to the economy; large governments cannot be sustained for long periods of time, if anything the Government is overhead or an additional cost, because by definition everything it “creates” is a debt owed by the taxpayer, and thus is a liability. If I understand this why can’t the politicians?

Funding, I will say this again around 50% of the people in this country do not pay income tax, they end up with a zero balance, many get back more than they pay in. so half of the people in this country support 100% of the government. This is not fair, right or just. It is time to for a real change; this is the fairest thing I can think of, a 3% federal sales tax. Do away with all payroll taxes, no personal deductions, no income tax of any kind, except social security and disability. Some will say it is not enough; yes it is. We the people are putting the government on a diet. This is all the government gets which means we are forcing them all to get rid of the bloat, and I have been looking into it, and there are huge amounts of it (billions). Tax everything and everybody, except fresh food. (The people who want to do away with fast food will like this, it gets taxed) Everybody pays, than it’s even. Those that spend more i.e. the better off pay more. Some people say that as a percentage of income, what the rich will pay is less because they have more to spend. I say who cares; there always have been the rich and poor among us. This way those that spend more, pay more. God bless the well off, because of one, I have a job along with 200 others. And I have never gotten a paycheck or even a job as a kid mowing lawns from a poor person. People talk about monetary equality. Wherever it has been tried it failed. The big communist experiment in the Soviet Union went bust. Where most everybody was equal (except those in the government) and everybody was poor (except those in the government) and nobody had anything, (except those in the government) which is what equality gets you, everybody ends up with nothing (except those in the government) Unlike capitalism, in communism, why do more than the least that is expected? There is no reward for it, because it all goes back to the state. And socialism is a great thing for the poor and lazy, until the well off run out of money. This is about everybody paying their share. This is a consumption tax; those that consume the most pay the most. No returns to file, no income tax to pay, this is for everyone. To me this makes it fair.

People keep bring up the life-long poor; let’s look at a few of the things that cause people to be life-long poor.

In this country we all can, through hard work, perseverance or personality become well off. Throughout time we as a people have worked hard to leave a legacy for the next generation. People talk about monetary equality, like it is the holly grail. I hate to be the one to break it to you but it is a pipe dream. A percentage of the population of any society will deviate to the bottom end, wither its drugs, crime, or slough. Avoiding long-term poverty takes some simple steps. First, graduate from high school, than enroll in a community college part time. Many school districts from around the US report a 50% drop out rate. In virtually every case it was an individual’s choice to quit. Remember freedoms can be taken away, knowledge is forever.

Second, get married before you have children, stay married and don't have kids right away. Please don’t become someone working at a big box store with seven kids.

Third, work at any kind of job, even one that starts out paying the minimum wage. Most full time jobs nowadays provide some type of heath care and a 401k program avail yourself of it. Most jobs start with wages higher than the minimum wage, a man and his wife, even earning the minimum wage, is above the poverty threshold in most states. So long as there are no children. Taking a minimum-wage job is not the best job, but it produces an income higher than the poverty threshold. Plus, having a job in the first place increases one's prospects for a better job. Finally, avoid engaging in criminal behavior. Criminal behavior of any type is not a job.

A few steps early in life, a little discipline and you will not be counted among the lifelong poor. Since it was an individual’s choice, why should this become mine or society’s problem? I did these things; I lived by the rules, people are now demanding I give of mine, to those that didn’t!! Because they where lazy. Having done these things for my family, achieving all that we have, makes a portion of my estate subject to seizure by the government, and given to those that did not. How is this justified as anything but greed, much less fair or even right?

Make sure the people we elect can run the country.

Don’t elect a president, who has never run a state or large business. Show me that they can do that, than we can talk.

Demand real common sense change from the other one’s that serves us.

If we start doing these things, maybe we can save this country.


Minicapt said...

No line-item vetoes, but rather:
1. All fiscal bills must have a single subject, with all measures in that bill referring to that subject, no omnibus bills permitted; and
2. Every measure in a bill which has a monetary value must be approved by a recorded vote.
3. The President, by signing a bill, is stating that he has read the entire bill as passed by Congress.


missred said...

even better - thank you