Saturday, August 20, 2011

why don't conservative films do well in the box office

because they dont play in my town
and they don't. they are given very limited release in major cities and quite frankly i am not going to spend the money to travel to see them. why aren't they being released in the theatres where the conservatives live. i live in frederick, md and it is a very conservative area, yet none of those films were shown here.
i don't know who is in charge of distribution, but they are not doing their job!
dont blame it on the people, blame it on the distributors


BigSis said...

??? I didn't know there was such a thing ??? But then, I don't know much about movies in general, and certainly not used to thinking of movies in political terms. So what is a "conservative" film and what is a "liberal" film?

missred said...

click on the first sentence for the original article and explanation

BigSis said...

I've read it - twice. I've never heard of any of those films (except Atlas Shrugged). One at least was a documentary, and I rarely watch those. Anyway. What most of the commenters (who seemed to be mostly conservatives) had to say was that they were pretty awful.

The only example of non-conservative films cited were "Harry Potter" and "Captain America." Are these considered "liberal" movies?

Personally, I want my entertainment to be just ... entertainment. I like chick flicks and comedies, romantic or not, best. I don't particularly care for slapstick, or endless car chases. So where on the spectrum does that put me?

Harry Bergeron said...

Films and other fictions require a suspension of disbelief, an occupation more associated with the Left, viz the election of Obama.

I reckon that Conservatives are much less adept at suspending their disbelief.

QbnMum said...

From what I hear Atlas Shrugged was terrible. We're not going to fork over good money to watch bad movies no matter how conservative. Good conservative movies always do well. Obviously no-one's made a good one in a while.