Saturday, August 20, 2011

a wonderful peace

a friend's daughter posted on facebook the peace of shabbat. when that daughter was just a child (and mine as well) i would spend shabbat occasionally with her mother. it was the most peacefull time and i came to realise God's reason for the day of rest. i lived with them for a while as the nanny before my daughter was born. the cleaning of the house on friday, the preparation of the shabbat meal that was put in the low temperature oven to eat on saturday. it was an exciting and purposeful time. we would spend our saturday talking about the bible/torah and of course, i would point out the contradictions of the talmud to the torah. it was also a loving time. i never felt closer to God than i did on those days
occasionally i do take that day of rest on my own. she lives in california, and i miss her when i do take those days. one doesn't need to be jewish to take the day off and contemplate the wonder of our lord.

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