Friday, September 16, 2011

can we turn the clock back

classroom discipline
i think we can and i think we should. this article is from the UK but i think it speaks to the US as well. regardless of parental responsibility, discipline in the schools was sacrosanct and parents did not appose it. until the litigation society took hold. we really need to reel in lawyers and civil suits. especially when it comes to schools. we say our teachers are to be commended, and almost hallowed, but how can they teach when anarchy reigns in the classroom.
it was my generation that brought about this anarchy and i say it is my generation to admit this loathsome social experiment did not work
ht to theo again
note: my daughter became unresponsive in middle school. i phoned her teacher and told him that he had full authority to deal with her as needed, and i would back him. i also told my daughter that he had full authority in the classroom and she had none. he ended up being, not only her favourite teacher, but the only one she respected. when i tried to do the same with her high school teachers, they said no.


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