Monday, December 12, 2011

a belated happy anniversary

on the 8th of December, my blogging father Tim Blair celebrated his 10th anniversary of blogging. i, however did not discover him until 2005 (or was it 2006?). i had been reading newspapers from different countries to get a more global picture, and travelled off to Oz - the Australian to be exact.
i believe it was in the opinion section that some one opined on his nasty right wing views, so naturally i had to check him out. i was hooked. his writings and the jovial and intelligent comments were a drink of water in a desert.
after he moved his blog to the Telegraph, it became monitored for comments and thus ended the realtime comments that had a true party atmosphere. due to to the 13 hour time difference, comments from the east coast USA had to wait to be monitored. while it changed the bacchanalian nature of the comments, it did not change him.
it was also at that time some commenters started their own blogs. Paco Enterprises and Kae inspired me to start mine.
here's to Tim and the great thoughts he puts into words so eloquently - may we have him around for another few decades!

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