Saturday, December 10, 2011

miss red finally muses

i dont let anyone get to know who i really am.. took me a long time to figure that out. i keep my thoughts to myself.
but come what may
i have just realized i don't know who i am
this past week, since my layoff, i have just been ambling and not really thinking
i think maybe i maybe a chameleon - if the leaf is green , then i am green. yet in the autumn i may be red, and when i fall to the ground i do not die, i become mulch. then with the mulch i give birth to the spring. but am i really different?
there are friends who see me as strong as thunder.
there are friends who see me with my heart on my sleeve
there are people who know me and are afraid
there are those who see me as frail
who knows how my family sees me
do any of my friends (who will never see this blog) see me as all of the above?
i am just pieces of who i am to whomever
i am just pieces to those who who †hink †hey know me,
i am just pieces to me
all of these thoughts are new to me in my new musings.
this is what happens when you find yourself without a net
stay with me my friends


kae said...

We are different to each of our friends, and this is why we have our different friends.

I didn't realise you'd been layed off. Bugger! That just sucks.

I'm so lucky I have my rotten, stinking miserable job to pay my bills.


missred said...

i realize about the different friends bit. i just didnt understand i was different to me! lol
yea unemployment stinks. and the second time in two years is positively malodorous!

Minicapt said...

You need more Scotch. Or Glen Breton.


El Cid said...


You don't have RED HAIR for nothin' you know. Stand on someone's desk. or better yet, stand on someone's chest.

Must be me. Your place, Paco's place and more then likely, EVERY E-blogger site, I get the antidisestablishmentarinism wv

everyone else gets dog-cat-and-but the, you get the idea. Jesus H.

Minicapt said...



missred said...

always one of my favourites, thanks minicapt