Saturday, May 5, 2012

I call her an opportunist/bottom feeder/carpet bagger

to be a woman from Oklahoma of working-class upbringing — and to want not only to walk the halls of power but to help build them — you have to press whatever advantage you have. Doing so might seem distasteful to those who’ve never had to do it because they were born into privilege and power.
Poppycock.  I find it extremely distasteful and I wasn't born into privilege and power.  (don't tell my mother - she is rewriting our history)

I identify as Ojibwe, but the important distinction is that I get to make this choice, and that makes me different from many in my tribe. To be able to control one’s identity means you have mastered many social, cultural and economic registers — precisely the ones that can make you a success. It also means you have the luxury of choice; some people make this luxury themselves, but others are born into it. This is, I think, why one’s heritage sometimes smacks of unfair advantage.
 no it makes you a manipulator.
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