Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Laugh of the Day - This isn't about me

Obama's latest fundraising email (Breitbart)
and the funniest comment:

BORGHESIUSMaybe he should recast his fundraising letter as a Nigerian e-mail scam.
"Dear freind:
My late father, the supreme commander of Kenya, was unjustly dispossessed of his rightful inheritance by the British colonial masters.  Fortunately, on of the bank recently found a inactiv account containing 100,230,000 US dollers. I was refered to you because of your stirling reputation amoung persons in your field.  If you simply provide your social security number, and bank routing number, I will be able to transfer this sum to you for safekeeping until after the next election.
Thak you for your Ongoing support.
Barack H. Obama, Once and future President."

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