Monday, September 10, 2012

Willful Blindness

Bob Belvedere  has an incredible post in response to this essay
Read the essay first, and then Bob's critique.
I do not understand why any conservative/realist should ever be apologetic for hrh bho.  The man was never what or who he presented himself to be and has truly made dupes out of millions.  If only they had done their research before voting for him.  But then again, I told many people about him and if they did not outright laugh at me, they ignored me.  One person said she and her husband voted for O because they did not want another four years of Bush.  I reminded her Bush was not running.  She had no response to that.  No one should.


wirecutter said...

I had a girlfriend tell me 4 years ago that she was voting for Obama because she didn't want another 4 years of Bush.
We broke up within a week - not because of her politics but because she was a flippin' idiot and that just proved it.

missred said...

Yes, not much left to say at that point is there?

BigSis said...

I really wanted Hillary Clinton.

And Sarah Palin scared the bejesus out of me.