Saturday, November 10, 2012

good night

I am leaving blogging.  It was fun while it lasted, but I realise that no one really cares what I have to say.  Update:  Actually , it is harder than I thought.  I wanted to post every day and found out I couldn't. I also would have liked to express myself more openly and found out I am a very private person who keeps to myself.  That realization was odd because if you would meet me in person I can be quite a chatterbox.  I just cannot translate that to the blog.
I also need to focus on other things before the chaos tumbles around me.
Thank you all who did visit.
God bless you all.


John The River said...

It can be frustrating. But for me, after my wife passed unexpectedly I needed something to do. Something else to be. That's when I started a blog.
I lot of people contribute to blogging on the comment pages, sometimes after joining a comment thread I'll bring the conversation home to my site and expand on a topic of great interest. If you like to comment, retain your site to express your thoughts and point to interesting conversations you have had elsewhere.

We need every voice of reason and every eye on what "they" are doing in the trying years ahead.. Stick around.

John the River
(another redhead)

kae said...

What John said, Red!

Don't quit altogether... have a break for a while.
It'll still be here when you come back!

Blogger's driving me nuts at the moment and I hate it, but when I've got time I've so much to put up there - I want to finish the Norfolk Island trip report.

Stick around, kid!

JP said...

no one really cares what I have to say

I've found that to be true, in my case as well.

Didn't matter what blogs I began, or helped begin e.g. Tizona.

What I did come to realize IS, pent up frustration as to what was and still is..long story short, I blog to get what is inside of me out. It's a release.

Comments and stats are OK, but that release does it for me, kiddo..

David Duff said...

Because of general busy-ness I have only just read your 'retirement notice'. This blogging lark is harder than it looks when first you begin. Being somewhat verbose and with an opinion on everything, irrespective of any actual knowledge, I find it fairly easy to blog daily, helped, I think, by the fact that I actually enjoy the task of marshaling my thoughts and writing them down.

Anyway, I am sorry you are stopping, not least because I shall miss your pretty ladies! And I hope your retirement will not stop you from visiting and commenting at D&N - 'pretty please'!

Paco said...

C'mon, you don't want to quit. We need all the guns we can get in this army.

Anonymous said...

Deborah Leigh said ...It is easy to believe that our voices don't matter. Yet if that is the case then we wouldn't post anywhere. People don't always respond to things that impact them. How many times have you read and not posted at your favorite sites?

You just need some PR to get the word out about your blog. I'm sure some of your fellow bloggers will aid in that endeavor. So don't bail for all these reasons as well as the reasons the others have presented. Now get back in the game! Please!

RebeccaH said...

You did better than i, MissRed. I started a couple of blogs a few years ago and didn't get past the first week or so. Anyway. sorry to see you go.

Mr. Bingley said...

First Twinkies and now this?

You know, I believe those Mayans may be right after all...

Jonah said...

Hey I don't blame you, They've won anyway. I haven't even looked at the news since 11/6, it's all done.
Maybe you and I can meet? Call me at 707-825-6846, we can welcome the Apocolypse together.