Friday, November 2, 2012


Letitia Baldridge passed away, RIP.
Her passing brings up a subject I would like to address.  Manners for men wearing hats.
Yes, dear sirs, you remove them in a restaurant.  Stay classy.  Baseball caps are not hats and should not be worn unless you are on a baseball field.  If you are reluctant to remove your hat because of lack of hair, remember bald is sexy.
Only 3 of the men below are wearing hats; the others look like idiots.

Paco has excellent advice on how to wear a suit.


Steve Skubinna said...

That last guy is incompletely dressed - he needs the one piece disposable HAZMAT suit to go with that excellent hat.

Then he could whip it, good.

rinardman said...

My take on hats. Well, caps, actually. "Baseball style" caps.

I wear them. Year round, for protection of my balded head. Not backwards, not sideways, not inside, just outside. Not as a fashion statement, for looks, or to gather admiring glances from the ladies. I make no apologies for my headgear, I like caps. If someone else thinks poorly of caps, that's their problem, not mine. My IQ hasn't gotten lower since I first donned a cap, and will probably not ascend if I stop wearing them. The top of my head will freeze or burn according to the season, if I don't use a cap as it was intended. I have caps for work, and for leisure. Plain caps I buy, and free caps with their logo, if I don't mind advertising them. Summer caps for summer. Winter caps for winter.

I don't have a hat, they don't fit me. So, caps are my choice, and will be till they stop making them, by government decree.

I'm a happy redneck.

missred said...

rinardman, it is strictly my opinion on caps. It is none of my business who wears what. I am glad to hear you don't wear them weird and you probably keep them clean.