Friday, June 14, 2013

15 Specific Proofs of O’s Detestation of America

O may or may not be an alien in legal terms, but he certainly is alien in spirit to our country’s principles and ideals. He despises and works tirelessly to undo our American heritage and legacy.  This first black president, a vicious lying demagogue, is with Nixon the most divisive president. He debases the office shamelessly because he has no respect for it or our country. He is a smooth talking Jeremiah Wright, and gained office only on white guilt.
the Thinking Housewife


David Duff said...

"gained office only on white guilt"

Not so according to Steve Sailor. In the style of a British red top paper, 'it wos old black wimmin wot dunnit'.

missred said...

I believe the author of the piece meant the 2008 election.

David Duff said...

Don't think so:

"But who did turn out in 2012 to drive Obama to victory? Who was the fresh new face of the American electorate in 2012?

Old black ladies.

According to the Census survey, fans of Tyler Perry movies voted in remarkable numbers in 2012—even more than in Obama’s first victory in 2008."

missred said...

I meant the original article I linked to. I do believe Steve Sailor has it right on the 2012 election. That and too many conservatives stayed home in protest. ::shaking head::