Wednesday, June 26, 2013

“Remember (Sodom &) Gomorrah!” The Revenge Fest Has Just Begun

An excellent post from the Thinking Housewife, one of my favourite blogs.   Whenever I read her blog I tend not to get anxious for I know there are many more of us - my hopes sustained - my faith secure.
 Here’s another realistic prediction. As marriage goes from being a union defined by biological ties to purely a legal construct, parents will have to apply to adopt legally their children. John Millbank writes:
[Gay marriage] would end the public legal recognition of a social reality defined in terms of the natural link between sex and procreation. In direct consequence, the natural children of heterosexual couples would then be only legally their children if the state decided that they might be legally “adopted” by them.
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Minicapt said...

1, In five years time, it will be discovered that the hundreds of thousands of oppressed pleading for the right to be married, were but a rump of hundreds fighting for a traditional white wedding in a real church.
2. The government will have to 'correct' the errors in the legal code which are blatantly heterosexual, but will find it easier to remove all mentions of 'marriage; which returns it to the traditional Christian churches for administration.
3. Child adoption as hinted will become 'de facto' but not necessarily 'de jure'. And the leaders of tomorrow will be drawn from the cohorts of the traditionally organised family.


missred said...

thank you