Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Heir He Is

Title stolen from Drudge

As an American I can be excited as I want for the new heir to the British throne, and the birth of this little man has brought some joy into my current chapter.  I am, however, surprised at the amount of vitriol spewed on the blogosphere.
Now as for names:  forget George, Edward, James, and Henry - too many of them sat the throne.  And, in my opinion, more than half of each name were not quite up to the task, morally speaking.  Charles and William are already spoken for.  So that leaves (in order of preference) Arthur, Richard, Edmund and Edgar.  I am iffy on Alexander (one Scottish king); I cannot see them going Aethelred or Cnut.   These are all the traditional names for kings in England/GB.

Update:  George Alexander Louis.  Maybe George will now out-rate Mo' has the most popular boys name in the UK

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Ed Snack said...

Wot about Harald, there have been two Harald Harefoot, a son of Cnut, and Harald II Godwinson.

Or Steven, at least one King Steven and although a possible usurper (of his cousin Matilda), he was generally considered to a reasonable ruler. When his son died quite young he "adopted" as his heir Matilda's son Henry, thus healing the schism and initiating the Plantagenet dynasty that ended with Richard III.

Not John though, there will never be another King John.