Thursday, November 21, 2013

Dining Experiences

While neither one of these great ideas are in the US, I would dearly love to see these trends take off.

Restaurant Offers 50% Discount To Turn Off Phones 
Includes texting.
I enjoy going out to eat - white table cloths, polite wait staff, etc.  I usually go out on my own and have done for eons.  I am comfortable with myself and bring a book when I remember.  I like people watching.  What I truly shake my head at (other than men wearing hats indoors-but I already covered that) is seeing table after table with everyone at the table on their phones.  When I do dine with someone, I like the conversation.

Restaurant Plays Opera To Deter Teens Late At Night
This is not a new concept, but I think it is a great idea.  The fact that these teens should be home in bed is an entirely different post.   Maybe some swing music would encourage the wrinklies for dancing.  That should improve any late night run at a fast food joint.

Manet: Chez Le Pere Lathuile, 1879


David Duff said...

Dining alone, Miss Red!!! Perish the thought, I shall instruct m'butler to have the Lear Jet warmed up, my dear (he said carefully brushing up the ends of his moustache), so tell me, which is your favourite, discreet, sophisticated eatery - Dunkin' Donuts or MacDonalds? Never mind the size of the bill, when I entertain a lady the sky's the limit and you can drink as much Pepsi as you like!

missred said...

Gentlemen's choice, Dear Duffers. ;) However you might see your way to bringing a nice Indian takeway - Vindaloo preferred!

David Duff said...

Our affair is ended, Miss Red, with immediate effect!


As any old 'Eastern hand' will tell you, Indian food is spiced up with chillies and peppers in order to disguise the fact that the meat is rotten. I once, in a drunken stupor, ate a spoon-full - just one! - of Indian curry - and thought I had died and gone to hell. The contents of the large, full water-jug on the table saved my life. God, I suffered for my country!

missred said...

Good grief - heartbroken over a vindaloo! Sounds like a good start to a C&W song.

John The River said...

" heartbroken over a vindaloo! Sounds like a good start to a C&W song."

I defy you to take a bite and sing C&W!

"Oh I left my HeaaaaaRRRRTTTT...ah! ah! ah!..."

Maybe they make it a lot milder for you my dear.