Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I had always known this about the BBC and the Guardian, but naively thought rational thinking Brits wouldn't fall for it.  That was my problem - "rational thinking Brits".  Now I understand why my friends in Britain parrot the palestinian lie.  It is all they know.
Purveyors of antisemitism (from PJ Lifestyle)

Which leads to this article from spiked-online  Kristallnacht Then and Now
The narrative of European anti-Semitism had no place for the individual Jew. Jews were Jews, and any perceptible differences that may have distinguished one from another were of marginal significance. This stripping away of the individuality of the Jew allowed for the dehumanisation of an entire group, seen to consist, not of different persons, but of an homogenous people. That’s what Goebbels meant when he talked about the justifiable punishment exacted on the German Jewish community – the entire Jewish race was responsible for the behaviour of anyone associated with it.
In most European circles, the old, poisonous idea of guilt-by-blood, which was applied to earlier Jews for the crimes of individual Jews, is no more acceptable than that of guilt by association. However, over the past 10 to 15 years there has been an important shift in the evolution of European attitudes towards Jewish people. One important development has been the impact of Middle Eastern and Islamic politics and conflicts on European societies. Since 9/11, Europe has become more sensitised to the corrosive effect of these conflicts, and the growth of significant Muslim constituencies in Europe has ensured that the crisis of the Middle East is not simply an external issue but rather one that has great domestic influence, too.
The Islamisation of Europe and the acceptance of the natives is truly mind boggling.  I guess Europe needs its own 9/11 - no I wouldn't wish that on anyone.  Muslim societies in Europe do not bring anything positive, yet Europeans turn a blind eye to the destructive all in the name of not being perceived racist.  How many young soldiers need to be beheaded on the streets, how many young girls raped before governments wake up to their ludicrous immigration and "human rights" rules and send the thugs back to the hell hole they crawled out of?


John The River said...

The first mistake is to call for "The Government" to do something about the attack of Islam on the western world. Your time is wasted by waiting and any actions that Government takes will not be what you hoped for.
The best you can hope for is for government to be neutral and not interfere or imprison you if you act to defend yourself, your friends, your family. Today we don't even have that much.

missred said...

John, It is my point that "government" created the mess in the western world by allowing not only open borders (especially in the case of the UK) but also kowtowing to the thugs who not only refuse to assimilate, but allow them to enforce their own standards (or lack of) of living on us. I see no reason why I cannot ask the government to undo what they have done. Whether of not they will is out of my hands, and yes, all I can do is hope that they will not interfere when I defend myself and loved ones.
Thank you for your comment

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