Sunday, February 16, 2014

Quote(s) of the Day

Being told what to think has never been my idea of freedom, however, and my habitual skepticism is aroused by mobs chanting in unison. Somehow, totalitarian groupthink always reminds me of the sound of hobnailed boots marching over broken glass.
The Other McCain

The EU is basically a false intellectual construction. Why is it wrong? The countries are all different mentalities, different languages, economic levels and so on. One system with the same rules cannot function.
Blazing Cat Fur

ps~  I have a funny feeling I will be updating this quote page even more today.


David Duff said...

Hence the very best joke in "A Life of Brian" when the crowd are chanting in unison "We're all individuals" when suddenly one bloke pipes up with, "I'm not!"

missred said...

Oh how I love Monty Python! Thanks for the giggle.