Sunday, February 23, 2014

Stupid Women Roundup

ht: althouse
Was she vulnerable, as Ann suggests?  No, she is an attention whore.  Now that her seducing of Mel did not end in a lucrative Hollywood career, she does her next stupid act which is to appear on Howard Stern.  Obviously unprepared.

Muslim girl doesn't know Che
ht: blazing cat fur
So when a man enlightens her (in a brief conversation) she wants  him banned from the library.  For verbal abuse.  Get a backbone.

Actually it is her parents that are clueless here
The parents are completely irresponsible.
Playing with diversity isn't a good idea
It is tragic that she was murdered by her husband, but what did she really grok about the Indian culture to make such a fatal mistake?
both stories from the the daily mail

And then RSM has been very good at reporting the latest feminist claptrap that heterosexual sex is rape.  Oh good grief.

I really HATE stupid people.  Unfortunately the world just teems with them.  Sometimes I can laugh but usually I react with the shaking of the head.  That can lead to brain damage so I better stop!

Now, back to bed for me.  Been dreadfully ill these past few days.


David Duff said...

You're ill!!!

I shall be on the first plane over - my laying-on-of-hands technique has cured ladies all over the world!

missred said...

oi you! Watch it with those laying on of hands. You might catch and spread my dreaded illness ;)

John The River said...

Drink fluids, stay warm and hang in there...Spring is coming!