Saturday, March 22, 2014

God Answers Prayers

I did not get the job.  This has been the latest in a long line of disappointments.
A week or so ago, I came across this post  at American Digest.
Vanderleun's thoughts  have given me some peace as I try to understand why.
I do have some differences with him that God sometimes does not answer prayers.  I have always known that God sometimes says no, and the prevailing wisdom is that He has something special planned for me.  I just wish He would let me know.
I also disagree with him that we don't know much about God.  But I am not here to pick at his words.  They have given me comfort and a desire to come closer to God and to remind my self "Thy will be done."


John The River said...

I'd sing you a chorus of "Tomorrow", but I'd guess that's your theme song.

Besides, I can't sing.

But, I remember a story someone once told me;
I was sitting outside feeling sorry for myself and a little bird came by and chirped to me,"Cheer up, it could be worse!".
So I thought about what the little bird said and I decided he was right, so I cheered up... and sure enough it got worse.


missred said...

thanks for the cheerful birdy!

missred said...

actually my theme song is tainted love