Sunday, August 24, 2014

Another Reason....

.....Scotland does not deserve independence.  Boycott Israel
Apart from the fact that all those who want independence plan to turn it into a socialist state.
I love Scotland.  I went to school there and the moment my foot first touched land I knew I was at home in my soul.  I love the Scots.  They are generous, welcoming and loyal to a fault.
But this need the yes voters have for "social justice" and socialism will only ruin their country.  They do not understand that the muslim is not their friend, and opening their borders to them is committing genocide for them.  They are not so much pro-Palestinian as they are anti-Israel.  They think that they will be able to care for their population "for free" from cradle to grave.
I do understand their desire for an independent country.  I share that with them.  But not the way the SNP has been proposing it.
But then the Scots have never been too bright in picking their leaders.  Had they been, there would have been no need for William Wallace.

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