Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Recipe of the year

Last night I made Bobotie. There are so many different recipes out there I just created my own from several, using my preferred choice of ingredients. All except the lamb. Could not find minced lamb, let alone any lamb at my grocers. They usually have it.  Next time I am sure. But then I have never tasted bobotie or even heard of it until a week ago so I have no idea how it is supposed to taste. It does smell good. Just another 10 minutes.....
And I had a bit for lunch today as well... even better
I must say that the custard topping and the soaked bread really gave this dish a WOW.
This is the recipe I chose.  I eliminated the sugar and cinnamon, used apple not carrot, have no idea what their herb and garlic seasoning is so I just added garlic with the onion.  Because I couldn't find lamb I used beef and pork.
Oh and I added a spoonful of apricot jam.


BlogDog said...

Bobotie? Sounds like a name George Lucas came up with for a new Star Wars character.
Could you get some frozen lamb, like chops, debone it and then chop hell out of it or run it through a grinder?

missred said...

They had no lamb at all BD ;( Maybe next time. I used pork and beef.