Friday, May 8, 2015

The Thought To The Grave

"You can take only one thought with you to the grave, and invariably it is a thought that bugs you..."

My first thought would be I  have loved and they loved me. I have no regrets, but I know I have no witness to my life.  Pity though, I have enjoyed my life.  They did not love me enough nor did I love them enough. We all missed out on that one.
Two quotes that sum it up:

When it comes to men, I must admit I have very poor judgment,’ she said. ‘I’ve turned down most of the few really nice men I’ve encountered in my life, and have gone unerringly for the dysfunctional, maladjusted, insecure bastards every time.

Well, I dabbled with men in my twenties. Quite a lot actually.
But they all seemed so frightfully fond of themselves - they didn’t seem to really need me to be fond of them as well.  So I just got on.

So now anyone who reads this has the most true entry into my soul.  I have never admitted any of this before.


John The River said...

Hon, we all make mistakes. It's wise to forgive the mistakes that others made that effected you. It's also wise to forgive yourself.

It's never too late. Unless you're in South America it's Spring, go and smell the flowers.

John The River said...

missred said...

Thanks, John. I have learned to accept my mistakes. I even have a few favourites ;)